Um, the fuck?

(23:04:58) Anonymous Entity: are you too good a Thorn minion to take a quick 1-question quiz?
(23:05:16) Lissa: Yeah, I can take it.
(23:05:32) Anonymous Entity: Luke: Um, no he started it, you made it worse, and I wanted a blow job (even if I had to take Batman’s advice).
(23:05:33) Anonymous Entity: shit
(23:05:35) Anonymous Entity: wrong paste
(23:05:42) Lissa: *dead*

5 thoughts on “Um, the fuck?”

  1. . . .

    You’re not allowed to talk to that person any more. In fact, I don’t think I’m allowed to talk to them any more.

  2. Luke, there’s plenty wrong with talking to you. You say things like what’s above.

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