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  1. Imani, I am a CS, but I do chemistry research. While my research is much more analytical chemistry oriented, there are some basic, fundamental holes in my chemistry knowledge that O-chem I will fill (if I can manage the course, that is). I’ve already gone through the Engineering Chem. sequence and am in A-chem II now also.

  2. i wasn’t a huge fan of it while i was taking it, but looking back on it now, it wasn’t so bad and i had an awesome professor that made it relate to me. it’s so so pretty. and i like(d?) it so so much more than analytical.

  3. *gasp* How could you like it more than a-chem?? Instruments make me all kinds of happy.

  4. but it is so so pretty. organic chemistry is a bathroom with black and white tile floors and white wood cabinets, a claw-footed bathtub, and a sink on a pedestal. it’s clean and pure and its rules are sensible.
    but at the same time…not a bathroom i would want to clean.

  5. hahahha, that’s a great description of organic chem bathroom. But I’d have to agree with Jenny though, I did like o-chem much better than A-chem. “O” is for “OMG this stuff actually makes sense”! Maybe it’s just personal preference, heh.

  6. But O-chem has all these rules (ick, boxes! *grin*) and all this pseudo-structure with tons of exceptions. (Although I loved the “‘O’ is for “OMG this stuff actually makes sense”)

    I’d say the “A” in a-chem is for “Ah, so that is what this is.” Lots of pretty spectra and deduction.

    I think my brain is different from y’all’s. This is why I’m not going into chemistry proper. 😛

  7. the rules ARE the pretty part. even the molecules are pretty. one of my first days of organic, the professor showed a computer ball and stick image of pentane. just simple pentane. and there were audible intakes of air (not quite gasps) and i heard somebody a few seats down say “it doesn’t get any cooler than this…”

    but, goodness, am i glad it’s over. and i am in agreement with you about the different brain-ness.

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