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NaNoWriMo, once again!

NaNoWriMo has opened for registration for this season, and I’ve already reopened my account from last year.

This year will be harder for me than last year; last year I had the entire week of Thanksgiving to pound out 20k words, but this year I will be forced to more evenly distribute the writing throughout the month, since I don’t want to sequester myself once I get to Phoenix. Problem is, the first three weeks of November are the last three weeks of the academic term, which means projects will be wrapping up, last exams and finals will be failed taken, etc. I didn’t touch my story last year until Thanksgiving Break, but this term is going easier than last fall, so I should be able to do better.

Right now, I have only one idea for a novel-length story (since I’ve been writing so many shorts lately), and it’s been in my head for… oh, five years now. It was a story I started working on with Eddie when we were dating, but never completed. NaNoWriMo would be perfect for starting from scratch with the same idea/premise and running with it, I think.

I didn’t publish my results from last year (although I still love that story), and I don’t know if I’ll do so this year, but updates will definitely be posted as I make progress.


  • Dulin

    I wonder how Eddie is doing. And Piercy. And Shelly, and LaJuina, and all the folks from Ms. Sivy’s room in the morning, and everyone else that isn’t on thefacebook.com :-).

  • Lissa

    Hmm. I talked to Eddie for just a bit over the summer, and he was fine. Busy with acting and singing and working for Disney and stuff, but fine.

    The rest of them… *shrug* They seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, almost even before graduation.