On Life and Love

Interesting effect.

The interesting thing about having an SO is that there is (at least at this phase) much less motivation to reach out and share all of my thoughts with the world. One of the reasons I started blogging was that I felt like I couldn’t rope anyone into sitting down long enough to listen to me babble about all the minutae in my life–all my weird little theories about weird little shit that probably won’t matter in the long run.

But now I’ve got someone to listen. I’ve got a best friend who thinks it’s cute when I run off on tangents researching things like the Terry Schiavo case (*shrug*) and holds me when I cry about my car accident and the $2000 I owe as a result. Without waxing poetic (which I could easily do, if asked), I have a confidant, at hand and ready.

David Webber once wrote that times of intense emotion simply cannot be sustained for any length of time. I’ve found that in the same vein, enthusiasm for a subject lessens once I’ve blabbed about it and debated it with someone. I now suspect this may be [in part] why folks like Hannah, Michael, and Jenny don’t blog often, if such a theory is able to be projected.

Some of this is probably just me figuring out a proper balance of how much I should blab at WO. Poor man gets the full brunt of my emotions, positive and negative.

That’s not to say I’m done here. That merely explains the recent lack of interesting posts. I’m still racking up links and reading fun stuff and thinking weird things… I’m just not posting about them here very often.

There are a few things I’ve been thinking about that I may try to write about here if I decide to make the time for the background research involved. Some of them are touchy topics, so I want to research well.

But I’m not dead; my brain is just otherwise occupied at the moment. *wink*

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  • Michael

    i read this one, i’m in it! yay! i think that you are most def right about the bloggy thing, like, sometimes, when i was trying to keep up with this, i didn’t want to talk to anyone b4 i wrote, specifically because i would get tired of telling the story, or decide that things weren’t as important/shitty/funny/exciting/worthy of telling a 2nd time. wasn’t there a point when you would not talk to people about certain things until you wrote of them?

    i am glad to see that cynical-ass post i read (the secret) b/c i agree with it, obviously not about rose, and not nec about carolina (i mean, yes about carolina), but about everything. life sucks, and if we can’t accept that and just make the best of it and enjoy it (something from natalie portman in garden state comes to mind here about laughing b/t the times we cry), we’ll just have a sucky life. so, i think all thigs are this way, yeah all this bs in ib will simply make college a breeze…FUCK YOU, mfn liars, that’s what they are, public HSs exploiting my intelligence naivete and motivation, to have their test scores raised. anywho, i love ya, i hope you feel better about this, but not that you change your mind.