No wonder.

It’s been a couple of months since I tracked food intake in a systematic way; it’s also been a couple of months since my figure was where I wanted it to be. So yesterday I resumed tracking, and quite frankly, I’m surprised I’m not even bigger than I am right now. By lunch yesterday I had consumed almost 1800 calories, most of which were from lunch (it was the salad dressing that got me, so that wasn’t in volume). I’ve stopped planning meals and I’ve stopped being conscious of what I’m eating.

No more. I’m heading back down to a 1600 calorie max per day, and all of it will be logged. I have good food I can make for lunch and dinner, and there’s no reason to eat out as often as I do. I eat past full, and need to work to regain awareness of quantity and fullness, rather than letting myself get lost in the taste.

1800 calories by lunch… ouch.