On Life and Love


Things are looking up for me:

  • I’ve got an Albuterol inhaler from the school doc to help with the whole asthma thing. I’ve even used it, and the effect was immediate and amazing.
  • We’ve got a webmaster for the newspaper, and he’s definitely impressing me.
  • This weekend is the Six Month Anniversary of Happiness with WO.
  • The second new bike is in my apartment, ready to be assembled tomorrow night. (In case I didn’t post about it, the first one had a warped front fork and had to be replaced–except that they seem to just have rotated models, so it took a couple of weeks for another to be conjured up and shipped to me. Bad luck with modes of transportation. Just bad.)
  • My car is scheduled for an oil change and inspection (i.e. full assessment of the state of the car) on Saturday and a tune-up on Monday. I’m just hoping it’s not a bad belt of some sort that’s going out and causing the current engine noise (timing belts seem to run $300+, according to the Hyundai guy, and I can’t get that fixed right now, which may leave me carless).
  • Payments are scheduled for the remaining $1465 I owe for the bike/car accident, and I don’t think I will be too broke, although I’ll be fiscally limping a bit for the next month.

There are a few not-so-good things going on right now, primarily centered around health and money and grades, but caution and patience and persistence are probably going to be the keys to coming through these next two months without ending up on the far end of the wrong side of the okayness spectrum.


  • Dulin

    I am happy for you on the good things, and this statement is awesome, “ending up on the far end of the wrong side of the okayness spectrum” yeah…

  • K

    Albueterol is amazing. It made my life so much happier (not to mention the happy drug effect that it gives you as well).

  • Lissa

    I’ve never really been affected by Albuterol aside from the pleasant effect of being able to breathe and the less than pleasant taste left in my mouth/throat. I’ve read some people get a little speedy on it, but I missed the side effect boat on that one.

  • Jenny

    some might argue that you’re already “a little speedy”…. 😛

    congrats on the six monthiversary!!!

  • K

    “I’ve read some people get a little speedy on it”

    Well speedy as far as little girl that seems to do fifty bazillion things in a given day.

    As far as the other speedy, it definitely makes me feel like I am high on something (although I have never been high off of anything other than perscription medication, so I don’t know if it is the authentic crack type of speedy) if I take the full dose. Those were some happy days when I had bronchitis and had to take 8 puffs of that stuff in a day. It really makes you float through the world, although some people said I looked drunk (not that I am that experienced with drunkness either, but that is besides the point).