On Life and Love

Finally, finally.

I finally finished We Few, the latest book by David Weber and John Ringo in the Prince Roger series of stories. I say “finally” because this means I can refocus on homework and stop slacking off. It was a damned good book, but I’m curious as to whether the series will continue. It’s been years since I’ve frequented the Baen discussion groups, so I feel very much out of the loop.

*sigh* I have a desire for so much more information than I am currently receiving…


  • K

    I’ve heard very good things about David Weber and John Ringo, but my current obsession is Nelson Demille and that along with studying for the LSAT take up more time that I want to give. Maybe one day, hmm…

  • Lissa

    I read excerpts of some of DeMille’s stuff on his website–I like his style. I may pick up one of his books the next time I’m at a bookstore.