On Life and Love

Snip, snip.

These past few days have been busy and stressful enough to send me to tears.

Anyway, we finally got WO’s hair cut (after months of talking about doing it), and… I have photos! Roommate-Guy was less than impressed, but I’m pleased, and WO seems pleased that I’m pleased, so everything is cool. Plus, WO says Roommate-Guy has no taste.

As for what else has been going on, there were the 10 hours I’ve spent since Friday evening on my Software Requirements and Specifications project (and we were ahead!) and the 6-ish hours I just spent on my AI project. I had good results with AI, with the exception that I got frustrated enough to injure my laptop a bit and violently send my partner home.

I’m such a girl.

I should be able to post my AI project for download once we’re done, though.

Oh, well. Back to the grind.


  • Imani

    Yay for haircuts! I was wondering how long it would take him to get it cut. I recall him complaining about it in the past and I definitely approve of this look. And as much as I respect Guy(Blade), there is the matter of his taste in areas not pertaining to myself. *smirk*

  • A

    Yup, the cut was a good idea. Amazing how much a fresh haircut can modify a person’s image. And let’s be fair, Guy’s good taste is fairly reliable, it’s just his taste in what is bad that’s bogus.

  • Mae

    Indeed, the hair is nice :-).

    And I’ll be checking back for your “critters in a box”…this sounds like fun…

  • Guy

    Hmm I was checking your links and found something interesting. A modified example of the Chinese Room was in a reading passage on my LSAT. It was a guy playing chess in a room though, instead of a guy translating Chinese. The article was trying to disprove that Deep Blue was actually thinking. Small world…