On Life and Love

Midnight linkage

  • Youth Gangs (Gotham Gazette. March 5, 2001) » This article points out something that could refute Muscio’s claim about the government’s deliberate influx of cocaine to gangs leading to the current state of gangs: that heroin came first.
  • The Gang Unit » "If a kid is interested in gangs; that’s an interest in drugs; that’s an interest in violence and that’s an interest in victimizing the weak." – Different than Inga Muscio’s take on the matter…
  • Crips and Bloods – Los Angeles Street Gangs » Interesting history of gangs in LA, including information on the Spook Hunters and the formation of black gangs in response to white violence. This is a source that was used by Inga Muscio in her book Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil.