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    Shared bookmarks for del.icio.us user Irrsinn YouTube – Pachelbel Rant — This is just too funny. Poor cellist. Tagged as: [music humor] Elf M. Sternberg – Utterly bizarre college speech policy — Anti-discrimination to (and beyond) the limit. Michigan State University is suddenly looking extremely unappealing. Tagged as: [academia society discrimination] Elf M. Sternberg – Pornography vs. Erotica: I have the answer! (as a writer) — A nice viewpoint. Tagged as: [writing erotica pornography] Compassion Over Killing > Easy Vegetarian Recipes: Delicious, Animal-Friendly Fare from Compassion Over Killing — Yum, food! Tagged as: [food cooking] Someday-Is-Now: Oh, fuck it. — "[D]ieting is the process of creating an eating disorder where…

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    Law and disorder, a remix

    ‘Bout a month ago, Guy wrote “Law and Disorder“. Guy (I feel weird talking about him like he’s not going to see this) wrote of his anxieties about leaving his home and attempting to not be a failure at life (for varying definitions of “failure”, of course). I’ve been running this over in my head ever since reading it. This is the remix; my mix of his post and my perspective. I’m borrowing his writing style where I can (I’m not as effective a writer as he is). The most jarring (to me) were his statements: And that is what I have to do, survive. You always have to worry…

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    Being a woman

    When I lost a lot of weight during freshman year, I suddenly found myself smaller than most of the men around me. It was a weird, kind of deliciously sensuous feeling; men wanted to be around me (for non-platonic reasons). I was like, “Wow, is this how ‘normal’ women live?” The implications of that became clear pretty quickly, however. I found myself repeatedly feeling like a marionette: purposefully draped, positioned, turned, and manipulated like something out a Nacho and Belladonna flick. Well… not quite like that, but with the same deliberation for many of the same motives–others’ fun and pleasure. Part of this is due to the men I was…

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    Second day, better than the first

    I’m not very hungry today. I feel tired, but I slept very roughly last night. I even woke up at one point to find WO comforting me; I was drenched in sweat and upset about something. In the morning, he didn’t remember comforting me and I didn’t remember what prompted him to do so. Very weird. I hate how winter causes all the skin to peel off of my hands. It’s gross and messy and drives me nuts. My keyboard looks like a dandruffy fucker head banged over it for an hour. Oh, wait. That was just me typing! Ew.