Tech phobia?

So I have this thing. I keep social bookmarks on I use Google Reader for RSS feeds. I’ve started using LibraryThing for my books.

But I’m finding myself feeling possessive of my books. I want a [free, of course] local solution that I can greedily keep at hand, that isn’t dependent on some random service being available. Hell, I’d even take a PHP solution here on irrsinn dot net. Strangely, I want a solution that’s more dependent on my availability than some other entities’.

I suspect this reflects on my perfectionist, over-achieving, over-controlling personality.

That said, the feature set I want is most cheaply and easily (and nicely) available on LibraryThing, including the all-important “Download information for me!” Otherwise, my ass would be hooking up a cute little set of MS Access tables and a form.

Wait… I did that already, way back in high school. Had it all linked up with my then-PocketPC PDA so’s I could walk around my tiny bedroom and record information. I should find that database and import that mutha, cuz I’m just not reading books fast enough to fill LibraryThing up.

Thorn makes me say “oi”.

The Thorn (newspaper) server hard drive crashed beautifully on Friday morning, just post-production. The damned thing sounded like a metronome. It was ugly.

So I’ve spent part of my afternoon and evening trying to get the damn thing running again with the new hard drive I unhappily purchased today. Oh, and the new DVD-R/RW drive, since the last one put gummy shit all over every disc I put in there and stopped ejecting.

Yeah, DVD drives that don’t let me put in, take out, or read discs aren’t very useful. Neither are hard drives that don’t read. Thank god drives are cheaper now, all around.

I anticipate a rough week in newspaper-land, since I don’t have the ability to add the machine to the campus domain anymore. This could make machine access tricky.

…Very tricky, and maybe not feasible from outside the Thorn office. Hmm.

Last Straw

The last straw occurred when untested, uncommitted code was taken from my machine, made to work, and put into production with an email detailing the things I’d done wrong. …In code I’d said wasn’t ready or tested…

Don’t get me wrong: there were plenty of other straws over the last few months. I wanted to be free at the end of last quarter (Thanksgiving), but felt it would economically unwise for me to do so. I’m feeling stronger now, and so I’ll be free at the end of 2006, barring any contractual problems.

Down to two jobs, very soon now, which is fine by me.

Except… what am I going to do with my 7 hours of new free time every week?

Oh, I know! Write, clean, do thesis work, do classwork, workout (on Saturday mornings now, too!), and read! (Not listed in the order of importance.)

Lastest obsession

Ze Frank and his show “the show“. This man is too funny. I’ve started watching “the show” from the beginning.

Did I mention the man is hot? It’s probably mostly the humor, but his facial expressions are charmingly cute. As is his dancing. Although he reminds me creepily of a mix between Dr. FooFoo McKnuckleberry and one of my former news editors.

Allow me to also point you to his talk at TED. No, not like the much-hated TED of United Airlines. Some other TED. Maybe associated with Beemers.

(Edited to add additional detail.)

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