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  • Luke

    I think I agree with the TV thing…my permanent devices should plug into the back. However, it is nice to have a couple of ports on the front to plug in digital cameras (Mom loves doing that), gaming consols, and anything else that might be there for a temporary time. Unless of course this new light HP tunnel from the back to the front is somehow magic and forces the wires to always look nice and neat and there’s a panel that hides it all then maybe it is a wonderful idea.

    About the pron. Yes, they’ll fail eventually. And no, you can’t make that decision for yourself or your children. The US has problems realizing this, so why should China be any different where they’ve legislated how many hours you’re allowed to be logged into online games in a day.

    On a side note, did you see where the Indiana state senator is attempting to get a violent games bill passed here? I need to find where his office is and throw eggs at it. I’ll show him violent video games and I don’t even like playing the blasted things (unless I happen to be good at it, but unfortunately I tend to suck).

  • A

    I agree with Luke about the TV connectors and both about the pr0n. I think it merely encourages even sloppier parenting, since now parents will have even less incentive to watch how their children are raised. I mean, I wouldn’t want my kids lookin’ at porn, but at the same time (ignoring liberty issues), it’s still my job to raise my kid, not the government’s. Hopefully, we shouldn’t need the government’s social sledgehammer of ledgislation – seems like overkill. On the other hand, some things are criminally exploitive, like youth pornography as documented by the NYtimes.com a short while ago.

    I think that easily goes for video games as well. The government must aid the masses, but it is handicapped with its inability to draw an acceptable line for everyone. Tough problem.