Oh, wow.

I did Pilates for the first time last night. Oh, baby. More of that, please. Mother-dear got me an introductory DVD of Pilates that I cracked open last night. Better than Callenetics–I got a full workout in twenty minutes, whereas the amount of time in Callenetics for an equivalent workout would have been about 30 or 40 minutes, I think.

Plus, I like the fact that it’s controlled movement; it’s very flowing. Callenetics is more static, although there are, of course, the little movements of the reps. Callenetics makes me feel the need to tense to hold the poses; Pilates is easier (at this level), which will give me a better chance to work up the strength in my neck, in particular.

Besides, in my current state of shapeless gracelessness, Pilates is pretty much like rolling around on the floor. I laughed, I giggled. I felt so relieved from my current anxiety and depression afterwards. I was able to enjoy WO’s presence and sleep decently for the first time this week.

Yes, more Pilates, please.