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Graduate school searching

Graduate school searching is scary. In part because I don’t have a very narrow focus for my interest yet. Something in such-and-such an area. That makes it a little more difficult to email professors with related interests, but since the more important part at this stage is forming a rapport (in my opinion), it’s not a major hindrance.

The other complication, of course, is my relationship with WO. He’s looking for graduate schools, too. We’ve decided to perform our searches largely independently, so as not to unduly bias the other. We’ll compare notes later and hope we can settle on either the same school or different schools in the same town.

There’s a very real possibility that I will have to make a decision as to how I prioritize my desire to be close to him and my desire to do graduate work.

This makes me sad for so many reasons.

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  • Javid

    Good luck. Graduate school investigations are really hard. I am currently battling through where I should go, although I don’t necessarily have to worry about another person’s opinion. At least I decided what test to take (LSAT). That was hard enough.

    I am sure wherever you go, you can succeed:)