Thorn avec le RSS

The Rose Thorn website now has an RSS feed!

This makes me happy.

Wait–is “RSS” a feminine or masculine noun? I got more Google hits for masculine, but I’m not sure that means much.


  • stobor

    you know, thats really funny, because i was gonna ask about that today.

    I put in a request for the main rose news site to have rss, but the thorn was able to read my mind!!!

  • Luke

    I think I wet myself when I first read that. So happy. You’re damn good with the innovation.

    BTW I’ll be in TH this weekend, so be prepared for neked drunkness!! (Ok, so not really…my life has been threatened by multiple people if my clothes don’t stay on.)

  • Lissa

    Hey, it’s not me doing the work to do any of this–I’ve got a good webmaster and he’s open to suggestions. I just sit around and go, “Hey, we’ve always wanted RSS… Hmm…” *grin*

  • Luke

    Hm, must be nice having capable over powered minions… 😛

    So will you be around at all on Saturday for me to say hello to? Also, if you would be ever so kind, would you leave me a hard copy of the Thorn in your kitchen? If you come home of course…

    Thanks Pookie!!!

  • Lissa

    I don’t think I will be around until Dr. McKnuckleberry’s show. I have lab from 09:00 until 13:00, then other crap (personal and academic) for most of that afternoon. Luckily, I’ll probably get to relax at the concert.

    I’ll try to remember to leave Thorns lying around for you, but I may make it a scavenger hunt, just to keep things interesting.