On Life and Love

Two links and a question.

First, Stobor has done what the Rose-Hulman webmaster has refused to do: created an RSS feed of the Rose-Hulman news page. About damn time.

In other news, the gay bar rampager that I linked about just yesterday has been shot and killed in a shoot-out in Arkansas. What a messy way to go.

Question: What would happen to the Middle East if all countries with money and power completely ceased giving them money?

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  • Brandon

    We’d have to pay $12 a gallon for gas. And you saw how up and arms people got about $2.50/gal after the hurricanes. It’s like people think there’s a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing a right to cheap fuel.

    But if that were to happen, there would be a lot of weird ramifications like some unexpected country like Argentina would buy up the excess oil and become another China and end up keeping them afloat anyway.

    It’s like asking what if guys stopped liking the hot bitches because they’re bitches, and only went after nice girls? The hot bitches still aren’t going to be alone; somebody will still go for them because they’re hot. The Middle Eastern countries are like hot bitches.