Downgrade failure.

I don’t care much for WordPress 2.0. It’s pretty and sleek, but there’s an as-yet-unsolved issue with WordPress hijacking access attempts to directories that shouldn’t be covered by mod_rewrite and have authentication settings on them via .htaccess.

Result: lots of 404 errors when attempting to get to my statistics and my personal radio.

That’s not the only thing that’s broken in WP 2.0, but that’s the only problem I’ve run across, aside from my general dislike of the WYSIWYG editor.

So I tried to downgrade to WordPress 1.5.2. Unfortunately, it borked my database a bit. I re-upgraded to 2.0 and tried to downgrade again. Failure.

Now I’m back to WP 2.0. And I still can’t access my statistics. I’ve solved the personal radio issue by moving it to a subdomain, but that’s still fairly annoying.

Getting 2.0 to recognize my user as an administrative user after all the database tinkering was annoying, and involved some manual database hacking and multiple upgrade.php executions to get my database back in alignment and all my roles/capabilities reinstated. Bleh.

I’ll just patiently await a solution to the mod_rewrite aggression issue. *taps toes, like Sonic*