On Life and Love


It’s that time of the quarter. The time when my alarm clock seems to mysteriously fail at critical times, when I can’t remember if I even turned the damn thing on before I stumbled into bed, and when I feel a need to set at least two alarms and hide one of them, just in case I’m sleepwalking.

This morning was the second morning in the past seven days that I’ve overslept when I needed to be up and working on something or meeting someone. I don’t feel as tired as I recall being last year, but I’ve had enough emotional and physical problems and breakdowns over the last few weeks that I’m readily looking forward to break in a week and a half.

First I just have to work hard and long enough to get through this week, pass my finals, and get this huge lab project done for Analytical Chemistry. Then I can sleep, and better yet, rest.


  • Javid

    From experience, I know that hiding things like alarm clocks does not prevent a sleep walker from finding them. When sleep walking you appear coherent and can function and find things and might even be able to turn off an alarm clock. I certainly have done things. Adam accused me of stealing a bottle of dish soap while sleepwalking and then putting it back a month later in my sleep again just to mess with him.

  • A

    I certainly can’t trust myself. That’s why my computer has a series of preset alarms to play through speakers jammed under a pillow at the head of my bed. The speaker wires are duct taped in place so I can’t unplug it, and the headphone line is set so the extension can’t be loosened or pulled. The volume is automatically unmuted and set to 30%. My computer locks itself before the alarm goes off to force me to move a bit before waking.

    Experience has taught me this is the only reliable way to ensure I bother to get out of bed in the morning 😛

  • Lissa

    Javid: I know exactly what you mean. I figured it can’t hurt to try, though, as long as I don’t do something silly like hide my alarm clock under a pair of scissors. 🙂

    Andrew: Holy crap. Why in the world do you want to get up early to play racquetball again? Such an ordeal…