On Life and Love

Two other embarrassments

So last weekend, I mentioned that I’d embarrassed WO two times at his birthday celebration. Each of these are worth a little explanation, particularly now that he’s stopped blushing.

The first was minor. I just wrapped all his gifts in Disney Princesses wrapping paper. Very pink, very girly. But WO likes girls, and what’s better than a book wrapped in a grinning Jasmine from Aladdin?

The second… ah, the second was the kicker. One of his birthday gifts was Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: The Kindly Ones, the ninth in a series of graphic novels involving Dream/the Sandman. (Fun series of books; I’d recommend them, despite the cost.)

The second portion of his gift was a salon.com book to the tune of Sex Positions for Every Day of the Year. And he opened it… in front of everybody.

I have never seen my darling-dear blush so hard and for so long. Everyone laughed so hard at his facial expression; they just collapsed. He hadn’t even shown them the book yet. When he did… even bettah.

I figure it’s my job as SO to keep him on his toes. He’ll probably flinch at the next three or four gift-giving occasions we have. *grin*