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New! Improved!

As I mentioned on my much-unused LiveJournal page, I’m going to start crossposting. There are a good number of people that I’m acquainted with that use “LJ Friends” to view blogs; these folks don’t use RSS (aside from what I can guess is on the backend of LJ Friends) and have to visit my site manually to see my content.

Thanks to LiveJournal Crossposter, a plugin for WordPress, I should be able to post on both places simultaneously with little additional work for me.

Vive le LJ!


  • A

    W00t! I prolly ought to RSS your post to the Google homepage, but I worry that it would rudely ping your site repeatedly during the day. The same courtesy was asked by LJ with their RSS feeds. How much worse bandwidth-wise is it to use RSS?

  • Lissa

    If you use a site like Google Reader or Bloglines, it’ll ping occasionally and cache the resulting updates for all the users subscribed to the blog.

    Besides, I have over a TB of bandwidth per month. You just can’t ping a text file that much. 😛