On Life and Love

New houseplant!

So I had this really, really sad plant, right? I picked it at random at Wal-Mart (back when I still shopped there, of course), and then proceeded to kill it. If I watered it, it died. If I let it dry out a little more, it died. My vine thrived (well, sort of…) while this thing died. I didn’t even know what kind of plant it was, because there wasn’t a card in it.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the nameless, specieless plant.

Finally, I decided to buy another houseplant. I like having the bookshelf in front of my window and by my bed covered in plants. I think it brings a bit of life to my little apartment.

So WO and I went out to Lowe’s last night, looking for a houseplant and someone educated in houseplantery to help us pick out one. First we ran into D., an awesome school official who knows a lot about everything (she’s a priceless resource for the newspaper). She mentioned having a couple different kinds of plants I might like, including African violets and spider plants. (Looking at the spider plants later, I found them really f’ing creepy.)

We decided to look around a bit. I knew I wanted something fairly “showy”–lots of green–and something sturdy as hell, as well as easy to grow.

…And I do mean easy. If the shit isn’t as tough as my vine, it’s going to die.

We evetually decided on a Schefflera arboricola (mine is variegated, so there’s some yellow and lighter green in it). It looks tough and sturdy, and seems to be pretty easy to grow if I don’t overwater it.

The green has been restored to my apartment. Yay!