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Ajax… for the win

AjaxWrite is an Ajax-powered word processor. That means no installation, no huge Microsoft application running, and–if you don’t own MS Office–no paying $500 to word process nicely.

I’ve used it a little, and I think it’s sexy. I don’t require many of the bells and whistles that Word provides, but despite its clean interface, AjaxWrite isn’t skimpy on features.

I think I’ll find it useful for working on homework at work (where I am not permitted to setup my laptop) or on Linux machines. I’m not sure where the processing power for the application comes from (server-side or client), but it could also prove useful on low-end machines, like my 300 MHz Willie. (Poor Willie. There’s not much I can really do with him.)

(Link from Michael Arrington.)

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    I like it. It loads faster and lacks M$’s bloated interface. Actually, this little piece of software may prove that good, slim, and efficient web apps can be written. I’ve seen a handful before, but few seem this effective. Thanks!