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    Zork, Half-life, and Deus Ex

    So I mentioned on Tuesday that I’d finished Elite Force and was looking for something new to play. That night (or the next; the days blur), I installed Zork: Grand Inquisitor and Half-Life on my machine. Zork is a standard adventure game, in my mind, and it took me two tries to enjoy it enough to play more. I beat it on Saturday, and was impressed–much like I was with Elite Force–with how short the game was. There were a few places where the “trick” seemed to be something kind of arbitrary, but overall, the game was pretty fun and made me lust a little for some interactive fiction. Anyone…

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    Two videos

    From the Little Professor, check out these hot skaters. Yum. Really. On a longer note, see what happens when there are too many Sim and Civ games: Will Wright on a new game: “Spore“. (From WO. It’s long.)