On Life and Love

Well, there were snakes.

And it did take place on a plane.

Other than that, Snakes on a Plane had didn’t have any redeeming qualities. Samuel L. Jackson is doing the same tired stuff he’s been doing for that past few years–playing in roles that make him out to be a badass because he can get away with it. He was too long in the tooth for the role and it showed–his movements were stiff and aged. The acting was terrible. The writing was awful. The delivery of those lines was flat. It was shocking and gross just to be shocking and gross. It wasn’t really funny. It tried to be campy in parts and just fell flat.

And the only cool snake was the one wrapped up in the lei.

Well, okay, the tasering wasn’t bad.

But the movie mos def failed to live up to all the hype (which didn’t surprise me), and wasn’t even a very good movie independent of that. If I hadn’t gone to see it on a hot date (*wink*), I would have called it a waste of money.

*mutter*All the man had to do was deliver one line, and he couldn’t even do that…*mutter*