On Life and Love

Oh, and about those snakes

So this morning I was up and on campus at 03:00 to get laptops into position for the freshmen to receive. My much-esteem boss, the Munchkin, however, did a very, very silly thing.

He gave us two-way radios.


With Travis on the crew, the Munchkin shoulda known better. All morning, Travis chattered on the line, sang us karaoke… got stuck in an elevator.

The highlight of the morning came about 06:00, when our boss’s boss, WANS, came in. He’s standing there, getting a status update from the Munchkin, when Travis, from wherever the hell he was on campus at that point, hits his transmit button and says:

I’m tired of these muthafuckin’ snakes on my muthafuckin’ plane!

The Munchkin frantically transmitted that he shouldn’t use sort of language anymore (< -- anymore?!) while WANS just sort of stood there, tight-eyed with being in at 06:00 and stony-faced at Travis's outburst. He just left and went back to his office. I was so tired by that point I couldn't even wait until WANS was gone to burst into laughter. I wanted to lay out in the floor and scream (which I did, once I got away from WANS). In fact, I'm still laughing about it, twelve hours later. Travis delivered that line so much better than S. L. Jackson did. I still can't help but laugh at the memory.