Cooler than sliced bread

Swimming is awesome. I was surprised, though, by how bad at it I am and how not comfortable I am in the water. I’m straight up doggie paddling my laps and I’m very uncomfortable with being submersed. That’s weird, because I’ve never in the past had much fear of water and I used to be a decent swimmer.

That said, the swimsuit is nice and swimming was an amazingly subtle workout. It was only later, as my muscle relaxed and the fatigue set in, that I realized how good and full body a workout it had been. It was quite a difference from running, where I feel kinda beat up when I’m done, or biking, where I’m constantly having to worry about my knees.

One weird thing about swimming, though: I learned that boobies are autonomous floatation devices that move and shift of their own accord in the water. Meep. If I drop enough weight, I’ll probably invest in a high-necked Speedo swimmer’s swimsuit, so that that won’t be an issue. My current swimsuit is made a little more for style and is therefore kinda, um, low-cut.

I’m thinking of getting in at least two days of swimming, one of which will be with WO. It’ll be something fun to do together and it’ll get him exercising a little. Add in running, walking, weight-lifting, Pilates, and occassional biking, and while I’m not a master of any particular thing, I’ve certainly got a few activities to choose from when I get bored.