Abuse? Naw.

It is always awkward for me when people hear about my past and are fairly certain I was abused. I mean, I know what abuse is, right? It’s getting beat with a belt buckle or a curling iron or kicked or told you’re a worthless piece of shit every day of your life. Abuse is not… my childhood and teenage years.

It’s even more remarkable when people tell me I’m surprisingly stable and well-adjusted given my past.

I mean, doesn’t everyone’s parents’ have quirks that made childhood weird?


  • Bekah

    My parents made me all kinds of weird. In a completely non-abusive way.

  • A

    I hope so. At least, I hope that we’re all on the same page. Not that I recommend abusem just that people’s perception of such things seem to have gotten more acute and sensitive. I’m pretty sure well-adjusted has deviated in meaning as well, because I’m certain many of us would be completely unusual specimens if we went back a few decades.

  • Lissa

    Dulin: All I have to say is: indeed.

    Bekah: *laugh* If Jed is any indication, I’d have to agree. At least you’re fun and weird, though.