On Life and Love

Oh, for the love of… a gas cap?

So that Check Engine light? Totally my damn gas cap not being fully tightened. I’m usually pretty careful about that shit, courtesy of watching too many Hollywood movies where cars blow up if anyone looks at the gas tank the wrong way.

I was charged 30 bucks for that shit, too. Frown.

While I was there, I went ahead got some other maintenance done (i.e. got some near-broke shit fixed): I got my drive and timing belts replaced. Based on a quote I’d had from about a year before, I thought I should be out $500, but it was only $300. Shit, my ass doesn’t even know what a drive belt does. I’m about to look it up, though.

Now, that was $300 I’d hoped not to spend right now, but at least I’m less likely to have car troubles from those belts.

Now I just need to successfully wrangle the newspaper today, and then I might have the pleasure of a little book shopping public library hoppin’ this evening. I’m all about fixing some of my mental ills lately, and knowledge is mos def power.