So Rose-Hulman has a Martial Arts Club, and I was so there tonight. I’ve been crunk about going since I learned that in addition to meeting on Monday nights (which I can’t do), they also meet on Wednesday nights (which I can do).

My awkward ass was punching and blocking and flinging my legs around kicking and fucking up all kinds of shit. It’s pretty difficult to remember a series of moves and focus on doing them right on day one.

It doesn’t help that I’m so damned easily embarrassed by my own awkwardness. Ugh. That shit’ll have to go, quick. I’ve got too much to learn in too little time.

The club holds actual Tae Kwon Do lessons, taught by a Rose student who’s a black belt. I went through basics and four three-step sparring techniques. The basics wore my ass out (which I’ll blame a little on the blood drive yesterday and a lot on my general health–I’m getting really tired of fighting my asthma and lack of stamina), and the sparring techniques kinda hurt. It’ll be good to get used to yelling and hard blocks and stomping and being forward and aggressive again.

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