Bandwidth restriction!

Dude, I’m totally on bandwidth restriction! 56 Kb/s for a week. Awesome! What’s interesting is that they pulled out shit from my freshman year (like my downloads of Linux) as evidence that I’ve busted bandwidth limits repeatedly. It was definitely an automated email, but I’ve been told that Linux downloads would be considered excused. *shrug* Pretty much sure I don’t care, but this is my first time getting put on restriction.


  • Stobor

    hehe. Are your laptop’s NICs as easy to swap as ours were?
    Course, its not like you are on campus and rely on that network all the time anyway.
    The BW restriction really bugged people like my roomate. lol.

  • Lissa

    Naw, our NICs are on the mainboard, so I’d have to swap the entire mainboard.

    People have techniques to get around that, even when stuck with their own NICs, though. Again, it ain’t that crucial to me.