Enemy combatants, xkcd, and male bathroom etiquette

3 thoughts on “Enemy combatants, xkcd, and male bathroom etiquette”

  1. I’ve followed the rules my entire life. AND didn’t know what they were.

  2. *laugh* I wouldn’t mind seeing the equivalent for women in bathrooms, although I think I could enumerate about 85% of the rules I follow there.

  3. I think Keillor did what he was supposed to do, given his opinion on the subject and the seriousness, whether I agree with everything or not. I wrote a column this week (http://www.thetigernews.com/media/storage/paper863/news/2006/10/06/Opinion/Focus.On.Blame.Detracts.From.Issues-2336647.shtml?norewrite200610080815&sourcedomain=www.thetigernews.com)
    essentially on why this is being downplayed in the papers and how Congress arrived at this legislation a little quickly, although I’m pretty sure both the House and Senate have passed it. But you should investigate in and vote in every midterm election, whether there’s a major foreign policy shift or not.

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