On Life and Love

Poetry all around

I’m not really a writer of poetry. I tried my hand at it back in 9th grade for some English assignments, and the results continue to embarrass me now. I’ve been tempted to post one or two, in fact, but honestly, I’m not sure I could face the questions from high school friends here who would wonder who in the hell I thought I was so in love with at the age of 14 that I should write horribly cynical poetry about.

Regardless, last night, as I was lying in bed, my response to a stressful situation came to me in poetry. I blame this on listening to lquiet last night. So at 02:00 this morning, I wrote my first poem in seven years. I won’t post it, as it’s rather more personal than I intend to get here, but it’s a portentous start to my decision to write more.

I have an assignment coming up in my Bible as Literature class that will let me do some more creative funness. I’m cackling in glee over this one, too, although I’m going to keep it secret until I’m sure I can pull it off.


  • Dulin

    So who in the hell did you think you were so in love with at the age of 14 that you wrote horribly cynical poetry about it?

  • Lissa

    Ya know, I don’t even know. I have an idea, but no real evidence except ever-shifting memories.

    Ya punk.