Thorn makes me say “oi”.

The Thorn (newspaper) server hard drive crashed beautifully on Friday morning, just post-production. The damned thing sounded like a metronome. It was ugly.

So I’ve spent part of my afternoon and evening trying to get the damn thing running again with the new hard drive I unhappily purchased today. Oh, and the new DVD-R/RW drive, since the last one put gummy shit all over every disc I put in there and stopped ejecting.

Yeah, DVD drives that don’t let me put in, take out, or read discs aren’t very useful. Neither are hard drives that don’t read. Thank god drives are cheaper now, all around.

I anticipate a rough week in newspaper-land, since I don’t have the ability to add the machine to the campus domain anymore. This could make machine access tricky.

…Very tricky, and maybe not feasible from outside the Thorn office. Hmm.


  • Nathan

    You were so careful to put in the acronym tag. I always thought it was “Digital Versatile Disc” though… *wink*

  • Lissa

    Oh, and my acronym tags are managed by a WordPress plugin, so’s I don’t have to do much work other than entering or changing new or personal acronyms (like “SO”).

    So, no, not so careful to put it in.

  • Nathan

    I concede. Looks like we’re both right, and WordPress is the real culprit of the decision anyway. I didn’t look it up beforehand. +1 dumbass point.

  • Luke

    The loving Friar Johnson might be able to help with the domain re-addition. I believe I asked him to do it for me once upon a time.

  • Lissa

    Ah-ha. You know, I still haven’t gotten the machine up and running, thanks to a lack of instructions left by the former EIC on how to set up the SATA shit, as well as the shoddy copy of XP left behind. Ugh.