On Life and Love

Blah, blah.

I’m not feeling blogging lately, but I figured I should write some stuff down.

My visit to Charlotte and Atlanta were awesome, but expensive. I got to see many of my people while in Charlotte, and WO got to see many of my old stomping grounds. Plus, the weather was amazing; I even went to a park.

Atlanta was hot. I could definitely live there, and want to. Of course, I’m also strangely drawn back to Charlotte. It’s funny, because I hated Charlotte immensely when I lived there in high school; I miss it now: the culture, the amenitites, the familiarity, the opportunities. The people (Michael, Chris, etc.).

While I was in Atlanta, of course, I got the news that Teach for America decided not to extend an offer to me. Sigh. I’m sad, but working around that.

Georgia Tech still hasn’t released whether I (or WO) am accepted. This was pretty seriously nerve-wracking after hearing about Teach for America, but I’m not checking up on them too closely now. My visit to GTech suggests it may not be until after the 15th when we hear anything, despite WO having been told that the date would be March 1. *shrug*

I’m in Drawing and Music History and Appreciation this term (as well as Archaeology, which isn’t yet worth jumping up and down about), which are both fun. Drawing is challenging, since, you know, I don’t typically draw, and I don’t draw very well when I do. Music Appreciation is (alas) a class seemingly full of instrument players, so I’m left in the dust when the prof starts talking about music theory.

Funny gender-bending moment. My music prof called me a “sir” when he first called on me to ask a question. I sort of stared at him until he said, “Ma’am!” then went on ahead and asked my question.

The weather’s been getting nice here in Terre Haute, and I’ve been taking advantage of it. Windows have been staying open at home and in the car, just airing out the winter mustiness. And the rank smell of my kitchen, which is full of dishes that haven’t been washed in over a week, courtesy of WO. Can a woman get a fork, please? A plate?


I’m kind of just living life and trying to get things lined up in my life: stress down (or at least under control), creativity and intellect flying free, social desires met and fulfilled, and the future as in-hand as possible. There’s work to be done there on all counts.

WO was surprised at how lively my group of friends from high school were. I guess I sold myself as a bit too much of a bitchy introvert. But I miss making a ruckus with friends, cuttin’ up until I’m exhausted from laughing so much. Since I’ve gotten back, I’ve been spending more time with Dre and T-dawg, which is filling a lonely part of my soul with laughter and fun. Not to mention awful movies from the 80s.


  • Dre

    Man bashing is so fun! We must do that again…when we find more things to gripe about. Mine are building up already. Think too many phone calls for no flippin reason!

    I wonder what kind of silliness we’re going to get into this week! I can’t wait!

  • Michael

    so just to add some helpful commentatin, you are cool, Sweet, Sexy Gregory is cool, “all the cool kids are doin it” (re: moving to CLT), therefore, you and Sweet, Sexy Gregory are moving to CLT.

    nathan’s got the real estate hookup, hit him up

    your term sounds pretty cool,

    I’m kind of just living life and trying to get things lined up in my life: stress down (or at least under control), creativity and intellect flying free, social desires met and fulfilled, and the future as in-hand as possible. There’s work to be done there on all counts.

    also sound pretty cool.

    re gender bending incident there and @ Dish: how does it make you feel?

  • Lissa

    Michael: I’m looking into lateral entry into teaching in Charlotte, but I don’t see any openings in Charlotte-Meck aside from a math position I think they put up as a test. *shrug* I’m talking to Lisa about it.

    *lifts eyebrow* How does Nathan have a real estate hookup?

    I find the gender-bending amusing; I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality and [just] comfortable enough with my looks that I tend not to get embarrassed by it. Sometimes I do it deliberately (particularly when clothes shopping! Buying lots of men’s pants and three thongs really trips ’em up.), often I just enjoy it when it comes up, and occasionally (when I’m in a really f’ing godawful mood), I’ll use it to embarrass somebody [else].

    Of course, I haven’t had it happen in a “big” way yet — no big ceremony when someone called me a “him” on stage or something. That would probably be embarrassing to me. The smaller one-on-one things, though, I usually like.

    It’s interesting to me how people react to that sort of thing. When G’s called a woman by accident (happened twice in ten minutes on our way back from ATL), people are really, really quick to over-apologize. When I’m thought to be a man, however, I’ll get a small apology (if any at all) and the world moves on. Seems like some interesting sexism, there. Emasculation is considered worse than… robbing a woman of her femininity. Hell, there doesn’t even seem to be a word for it in English. (Enlighten me if there is! *grin*) I like seeing where people stand in that regard.

  • Michael

    I’d call it neutering.

    I think i misread the post, I thought from the pause for the prof to correct himself, that the gender bending bothered you, so if that’s not the case, why have him correct it?

    Nathan’s boss’s wife is a real estate agent. I cannot believe there’re no openings in CLT, but you’d know better than I, as I haven’t searched at all. I mean, you could do Bio, Chem, Math, or English right?

    How does Sweet, Sexy Gregory react to his gender-benders?

  • Lissa

    Neutering is a good term, except that it still isn’t woman-specific, like emasculation is male-specific. It also has a softer connotation.

    I let him correct it because this prof is pretty much on my shit list already and I was in a “really f’ing godawful mood”. 🙂

    As far as teaching, I could (comfortably and based on qualifications) do Math, Programming, or English. I think that CLT just hasn’t put up the job openings they have. I’m not giving up, trust me. 😛 I’ve got a few recommendations from Lisa on how to proceed. It looks like if I do anything other than Programming, I’ll be stuck taking some “very rigorous” test to prove competency, since I only have a minor in English and an implied minor in Math (Rose won’t let you minor in math if you’re a CS–it’s assumed everyone will know that you basically did minor in it to get the degree; I wonder about that).

    Anyway, I’m job-hunting!

    Sweet, Sexy Gregory was a little startled, if I recall, and a little embarrassed at *their* embarrassment over the issue. It didn’t seem to bother him, really, although he made jokes about cutting his hair down to a more male-typical style. He hasn’t cut it yet. 🙂

  • Michael

    Okay, so now I’m a bit intrigued…



    or for stupid English language,

    so … I cannot seem to find an analog… so I think WHAT COULD IT BE?! Then I realize (possibly) why th’ain’t no analog: wrong people think that there exist exactly two sexes and the way people behave in the world is a result of their sex. if these peeps make the words, having a strict binary would mean negating one would evaluate to affirming the other, so masculizin’, or masculinization would be the analog. Of course when I think about it this way things start to fall apart a bit b/c to these people th’ain’t much use for “masculine” and “feminine” unless it’s so that they don’t have to say “manly” and “pansy” or some backward equivalent