It’s official

This morning I did two life-altering things:

  1. I paid my security deposit for this sexy little apartment. I have a home (albeit a little later than I’d hoped — June 2)!
  2. I received an offer from CMS to teach at Harding, contingent on the Human Resources guy finding my second reference in the huge pile of papers on his desk.

I’ve barely been able to do work today. Yay!

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How did I do it?

Somewhere in high school, I did something that made people like me. Now, when I’m in need of help getting where I want to be, there are a lot of people stepping up to help me. Michael’s coming for Commencement (!!!) and to help me move. Nathan visited an apartment complex on my behalf (and toured it!) today. Lisa’s offered to let me stay with her, if I want to hold off on getting an apartment. She already pulled some strings to get me the interview for the Harding position.

I guess… I feel humbled, I suppose.

I feel as though I’ve lost a lot of what made me admirable (if I was) in high school. I have so much trouble making sacrifices for things I want these days. That’s a common trait among people here at Rose; a lot of people feel they’re “talented” and that things should come easily. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably not worth doing, because it’s clearly not in their area of interest.

I’ve picked up more of that than I’d like, despite my resistance to it. I’m still not one to ride on “talent”, but I do feel like I lack a lot of my old motivation/passion/idunno… my go-get-em. Maybe it’s that I feel like the standards are so low here for success, and I’m blah-blah on meeting those. I still go-get-em when I want ’em, but it feels like I don’t quite have the energy I used to.

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