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  • 15 Ways to Create More Cash
    I like these sorts of guides, particularly when I’m looking at entering a mumble-something-k a year position. Tagged as: [money]
  • Why Budget?
    I’ve always failed at budgeting, and it shows. This website offers a good guide to getting down into the nitty gritty with your money. Or my money. Whoever’s. Tagged as: [money]
  • Big Fat Deal ยป Anatomy of a Tagline
    Just call me "fluffy". (See the post and following comments.) Tagged as: [humor weight-issues Polish]
  • reneegetsfit.com // Health & Fitness Blog: Sugar Shock!
    I’ve experienced some of what Renee has with foods like bread, simple sugars, etc. I’m thinking I might want to pick up this book she reviews, despite its radical stance. Tagged as: [health food]