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Holy… oops!

From krustukles: God Hates the World. Krustukles’ comments are worth skimming, and I’m stealing another link from one of them. Welcome Home God Warrior. Ignore the anti-fat (and anti-Christian!) comments on that page, as they aren’t really relevant, entertaining, or useful, but the video there is a bit shocking. I thought folks in my family knew how to rampage… shit. This woman could give them all a run for their money. (Make sure to watch to the end and catch the editorial comments.)

“I always have to be the warrior! Why can’t you be the warrior?!”


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    Wow. It wasn’t until halfway through that ‘God Hates the World’ video that I started to realize it wasn’t a spoof/commentary. Turns out I seem to have a mental block on believing people like this exist. Such a horrible group; I mean the total lack of humility’s atrocious, but the attitude is completely immoral. It actually makes me sick.

    …And why was there an upside-down Canadian flag being waved?

    The second I’ve seen before. She’s gonna burn… at least, she would if one could. That was the first video that showed me what a despicable person is. Calling herself a Christian is like

    I tried to finish that, but I can’t without invoking Godwin’s Law. Such incredible awfulness.