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  • Dynamic Fitness: Decisions that Aren’t
    Facing up to what’s not being done in my life (or in others’) is something that’s become a *huge* issue for me in the last year. I love Andrew’s writing on this. Tagged as: [living]
  • Dynamic Fitness: Everyone’s a Little Bit–
    Andrew holds a good discussion on anti-fat sentiment, particularly as pertains to Joy Nash’s "Fat Rant" and the Dove marketing campaign. Tagged as: [weight-issues society]
  • Spoiled Rotten: How to Make Your Fruits and Vegetables Last
    "Americans throw out 25 percent of the produce they buy because it’s gone bad. How to stop the waste? Know when to shop, learn which fruits and veggies don’t get along and which ones to keep out of the fridge." Tagged as: [food fruit]
  • Diversity training doesn’t work. Here’s why. | BlogHer
    I think she has a great point here: we definitely need to take a look at what this "diversity training" is resulting in. I agree with her point that people are better able to hide their racism because of it. Tagged as: [racism]