On Life and Love

*rip*, *tear*, *slice*

I just found out that Progressive has been charging me extra each month because they think I’m an “inexperienced” driver. That I haven’t had a license for at least three years. Never mind that I’ve had this policy for this car for three damn years. And never mind that I had my first policy with them for my first car during my freshman year of college.


They told me they couldn’t access the details of those old policies (the Indiana one and the one for the first car), and they assumed I had a permit for those. I was told to get driving records from the DMVs in question for each of my licenses. That would have cost money for each one and required having the driver’s license numbers for licenses that I don’t have anymore.


One last furious email back on my part resulted in them being willing to concede that I was right. I’m sure that they’re going to fix the amount I’ll pay in the future (anything down from $300/mo, even with the accident, has to be an improvement). I told them, though, that I want every damn dime I’ve been overcharged since I started this damn North Carolina policy in September back. That was when they capitulated re: future months, but I suspect I’ll still have to fight pretty hard if I want money back from previous months.

$300 per month has been a big, painful expense for me on a teacher’s salary, especially when combined with the $300/mo from my consolidated school loans (oops, no grace period when you consolidate, sucka!). I was paying less than half of that in Indiana. I’m pissed about this, even though I’m satisfied it’ll be getting fixed.