Sims 2 — hits all the right spots

Having a game dork for an SO means that I’m always analyzing what I like and don’t like about games, and if I can’t figure it out in a repeatable enough manner, I ask him.

Sims 2 might be my favorite game. Like, ever. It’s nearly impossible to lose, it consists of endless construction (of the people-sort, not the stuff-sort), and the replayability is redunkulous. So I bought myself Sims 2 and pre-ordered Sims 3 this weekend.

And promptly lost my weekend in a bright purple world. I love purple.

I’m hoping that Sims 3 fixes the time issues that Sims 2 has. You know, the issues where you can’t have the equivalent of a 5 bedroom house because everyone would miss their carpools trying to get from one end of it to the other? Or pass out from hunger before they can make it to the kitchen? Yeah, those problems.

I want Sims 3 to allow polyamory. I almost found out how to lose this weekend trying to form a poly relationship. Apparently, some people in couples call kissing other folks “cheating” and get furious.

Alas. My characters were almost elders by the time that fight was cleared up.

Nonetheless, I find games like Sims 2 is to be very soothing. There are few real time crunches, and nothing reflex/twitchy. I could probably play Sims 2 and Civ 4 for days straight (and have done 12+ hours straight of each) without getting stressed out or worked up like I would with most other popular games.