On Life and Love

*nom, nom* Anime

Having finished as much of Death Note as I’m going to, I’m now out of anime. I’ve recently finished Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Full Metal Panic, too (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed). Nothing else on Hulu sounds very good and/or is subbed (or I’d be snoozing my way through Mushi-shi now, at G’s insistence).

I certainly don’t mind shelling out for anime (I did for GitS:SAC and FMP), but I want to be pretty sure that I’ll like it before I drop $50 on a series. Utena was going to be next, but it’s out of print, evidently.

Where do I go now to broaden my anime horizons?


  • guyblade

    I’d recommend Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (it is fully fansubbed on anime suki) if you’re looking for Comedy. Baccano! is also rather brilliant but was recently licensed. Mitchiko to Hatchin is also pretty decent (at least the first 8 or so episodes that I’ve seen) and is reminescent of, but completely dislike, Cowboy Bebop. I’d also recommend Maria Holic–if you can find it. Lastly, Dennou Coil is rather interesting as well. All of these have been released in the last 1.5 years or so.

    If your heart is set on Utena, Greg probably still has access to my server and I’ve got a copy there.

    • Lissa

      Guy: Ooh, thanks! I hadn’t head of any of those except for Dennou Coil (and I don’t know anything about it). My heart’s not especially set on Utena — it just came highly recommended a few years ago.

      Anime research time! 😀