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“Art and Soul” posted

Based loosely on a local art festival I attended a couple of weekends ago (also called Art and Soul), I’ve written “Art and Soul“, a little short about… courage?

It was full of limbs. Some with pseudoflesh, some shiny or dull metal, some more plastic-like materials. And all were decorated intricately. The metals were engraved with tight, swirling patterns covering most of the surface, and the pseudofleshes were scarred in similar patterns, as if the wearer had been burned or cut very, very carefully.

No wonder people were giving it a wide berth.

It falls within my newfangled Transhuman Congress ‘verse.

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  • Gregory Weir

    I like. It’s mysterious, and raises a lot of questions: Is the old man artificial? Which came first, the art or his own scars? Why is Tommy so fascinated with the limbs? Kilorupes… has India become that powerful?

    Looking forward to more shorts in the same world.