On Life and Love

New beers to try!

Turns out my boss is also a beer enthusiast. I left work today with a whole list of beers to try, some from Steve and Mr. Weir’s comments over the last few days.

Here’s the list of beers I came home with. I’ll post what I think of ’em as I drink them:

  • Chimay Blue (I’m expecting this to be strong — it’s got an 8 or 9% alc. content)
  • Fat Tire
  • Pyramid Apricot
  • Magic Hat #9 (another apricot, and recommended by two folks who don’t like the Pyramid)
  • Leinenkugel Berry Weiss
  • Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (described to me as “a blueberry beer with a dog on it”… that one took me a minute to find)

…And I got a 6-pack of Wailua.



  • Mindwolf77

    Woo hoo!!! A whole new flavor world opening up for you!!! 😀

    Sea Dog BlueBerry *IS* good — the Trader Joe’s Kennebunkport is a lil better — I’ll get that to ya sometime 😉

    Too — While Leinenkugel Berry Weiss IS good — their SunSet wheat is spectacular — with a hint of corriander! I have my favorite beers of the year — and last year the SunSet Wheat was it (and this year is the Wailua).

    Chimay Blue may be a bit “much” for a general non-beer drinker.

  • Lissa

    I almost picked up the SunSet wheat, too, since it was right next to the Berry Weiss, but I figured that if I liked the Berry Weiss, there was a good chance I’d like the SunSet, too… same brand and all. 😉 I’ll pick up a bottle to try the next time I’m in the Total Wine.

    The Chimay Blue was certainly a bit much in terms of price for a little bottle. I picked that one up first, and was immediately worried about the total cost of my little shopping endeavor. Luckily, the rest were much more chill.

    There’s no Trader Joe’s in our new neck of the woods, so I’ll have to finagle my way over on the way home (from Concord/University area) some afternoon.