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Jack move, fool!

Courtesy of G, I bring you “Pondering Indie Spirit: Derek Yu Speaks“.

Skip the article and go to the comments. (That’s mean, I know, but I leave the indie game drooling to G. I’m sure Yu is at least a moderately cool guy.)

Read the first comment. No, really. Go read it now. Note that “Flytrap” is that man’s game… apparently. This is the beginning of one of the more hilariously-executed jack moves I’ve seen on a comment thread. I’ve seen smoother, certainly, but rarely funnier.

I can pretty much promise that reading that thread is worth the 30 minutes of your life that it’ll take. It takes a few comments to warm up, but by the time the following exchange happens, the giggles only get louder:

Raigen Burns: I understand your frustration concerning Flytrap, however there are almost 700 games on XBLIG! […]

The crazy man (Adam Coate): Correction, there are almost 700 games on XBLIG that aren’t Flytrap.

I wish I’d recorded myself as I read this, because my screams had to be funny as shit. Later in the thread, the crazy man brings in some “evolutionary psychology” to justify the idea that “What do women, on average, like to do the most? Shop and eat; aka consume.” That’s later followed with “Sorry; shop, talk, and eat.”



There’s a special treat near the end where Coate is asked to return a game he borrowed… Comedic gold, folks.

I usually don’t want to feed the trolls, and I discouraged G from doing anything (him being a professional and all), but that is some “what in all the hell?!” shit right there. I’d feel really bad for Yu the interviewee if he didn’t already seem to be a famous, well-liked guy, because that mess got jacked by someone who thinks that all publicity is good publicity… which I’m not sure holds in indie game development.

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