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Quasi-daily linkage

  • My Java Experience – This is a great post on a .NETer taking a course in Java EE. I haven't done Java EE development before, but this makes me want to try it out of masochism. "All in all, I find myself unimpressed by the amount of work that was shuffled to the tools, it doesn’t seem right. And it seems like a justification of a bad practice. When I consider my own design principles (Zero Friction!) in light of this, I am much happier that I am mainly working in the .NET world. But I think that having this understanding is going to be very helpful moving forward."
  • Coding Horror: The Field of Dreams Strategy – Reader metrics for sites and blogs — while fascinating, fun, and deliciously distracting — don't mean much if you're spending time observing them instead of writing. I like Atwood and O'Brien's approach.