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Future Proof Has a Blog!

Go read it and subscribe! We’re just getting warmed up, but there’s an announcement there that will be of some interest to folks who might be asking, “Whatcha working on now that Ossuary is released?”

I’ve got a couple of posts lined that will likely end up there–I’ve been playing in the world of free-to-play (mobile) games on my shiny and fast new phone, and the ethics of the set are… fascinating.

Another Year Already?!

Okay, not “already”. 2011 was long as hell and busy.

I resumed going to church fairly regularly. Had my perspective on interpersonal communications majorly shifted. Got married to a great fellow. Got a running partner. Made good progress on my novel. Learned how to incorporate a business. Paid off my student loans (!!!). Lost some weight. Got stronger, more fit, and resumed dancing. Made and held to some good financial plans. Blogged pretty regularly.

Still feel like I only did about half of what I “should have”, of course, but I’m happy with the year, overall. I succeeded at most of what I wanted,

I’m going to finish my last sliver of debt. I’m going to finish not having a long-term financial plan. I’m going to get married. I’m going to finish my novel. I’m going to finish not being happy enough,

and made good headway on what I didn’t finish.

Regardless, 2012 shall be a more adventurous year, featuring new employment, two trips/vacations, and a plethora of writing, coding, financial management, and gettin’ fizzit.

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Weekly Linkage: the TSA, Microwaves, and “Dot Dot Dot”

This week’s internet cruising:

Blagowub Admins: Install a Comment Notifier

I’m commenting a fair amount more on the blogs I read, and one of my growing peeves at this point is when there’s no email comment notifier on a blog. WordPress makes this easy. Drupal makes this easy. Livejournal’s been doing this forever. Of course.

Really and truly, I’m not going to check anyone’s post twice a day for the next week to see if there are other interesting comments or replies to mine. Judging by the way commenting conversation has changed on this blog since putting a comment notifier in place, I’d say few other people inclined to read more than a few blogs are, either.

I browse the interwubs on three different computers (in different browsers) every day–I have no consistent browser history with which to easily revisit sites and I have very few synchronized bookmarks.

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Weekly linkage

For some reason, I felt like I didn’t have a lot of links this week for all the cruising I did, but I was wrong. I plowed through 280 Google Reader posts and was caught up as of yesterday afternoon. It may never happen again.