On Life and Love

Twelve years later, the internet comes through

I don’t know how movie people determine what goes on the soundtrack for a movie, but I do know that the makers of Blade forgot one: the electronica song that Deacon Frost is listening to on headphones in the library.

Right after seeing the movie (1998, so 7th or 8th grade for me), I hopped over to the music store and bought the soundtrack… which didn’t have the song on it. There were a few good songs on it, but I mostly remember it being crappy rap. (Recent playthroughs haven’t changed my opinion much.)

In 1998, searching the internet couldn’t find me that song, and I tore up the net looking. Couldn’t even find references to the song and scene, much less an artist or song name.

I decided to give it a whirl again last night for old times’ sake, and my first YouTube search nailed it in one. I feel like a dork for lusting after the song for 12 damn years, but there it is: “Call and Response” by Source Direct. It’s just as good as the snippet in the movie suggested. Unfortunately, neither Amazon nor iTunes carries MP3 versions of the song or album. With the whole CD being available for about $3 all told, I just ordered it.

I’m truly awed by the growth of the internet in the last 12 years. I take those advances for granted and barely remember how I searched before Google or watched video before YouTube. If I can find a song from a 30-second bit in a 12-year-old movie now, what will I be able to find in another 12 years?