Snap, jack!

So, while I was in San Antonio on Friday, I went rollerskating with Dre and T-dawg. Being more than a little rusty, I fell. Twice. Took a kid with me, too, although it was his fault for skating right across my path. Did I look like I knew how to stop?

Anyway, when I gallantly saved the kid from my crushing weight by falling back, I–of course–caught myself on my right wrist. That’s fine. Just a sprain, right?

Flying back to Charlotte was annoying. Constant pain, luggage all left-handed and awkward. I ended up getting a store-bought brace, which helped a bit.

Yesterday, though… Typing and note-taking and everything… ow. Sprains shouldn’t keep getting worse, I figured, so I went to urgent care and got an x-ray.

And came home with this:

Splinted arm

Broken. Done. Doc said I basically accordioned the bone.

I’m completely left-handed at the moment, making this post a 45-minute endeavor. I’m off in about 5 minutes to an orthopedist to get a cast.

I had fun skating, though.