On Life and Love

All 5 of Dem There K’s

It was marvelous. It was exhausting. I’m still sore. With everyone’s help, I raised $660 in the Hopebuilders 5k fundraiser. Thank you!

Saturday, at the surprisingly early-feeling 08:00 EST, me, Greg, Scott, Shelton, and Kim gathered in the morning chill. I was already leg-sore from a Jillian Michaels workout Friday night. (I do that workout on mute–something about her manner is so off-putting.)

Greg, Kim, and Scott were walkers on Saturday, and Shelton and I started with a walk, too… sorta. I swear, the Little Tank can’t be more than an inch taller than me, but he hauled ass. (Maybe he’s a full 5’6″, unlike me.) Of course, being an absolute jerk, he started running on a hill. Thanks.

I also cursed every single one of my donors in my head. Thanks, folks.

We didn’t run the whole way, but we walked fast and ran often, joking and pushing each other a little further than we might have done alone. It was certainly more fun than running alone. All 5 of the K’s flew by, really, and luckily for both our egos, we managed to pull in to the finish line before our walkers.

Afterwards, I was introduced to the wonderful Original Pancake House. Buckwheat pancakes? Yes, please. No butter or syrup needed.

Like I needed a new breakfast spot.

As predicted in my original challenge, I spent the rest of Saturday lounging around, napping and chilling with Greg. I pulled a 10-hour shift at the hospital on Sunday, and crouching to pull charts from the lower shelves was hell. Jillian Michaels and dance had squatted the hell out my quads, and running the 5k had killed my hamstrings and hip flexors. I did one out of my normal three hours of dance last night and went home. There was no way I would have made it through the leg-intensive Belly Funk and hip hop classes.

This afternoon will be lots of stretching and a gentle run. I really need to get back into weight lifting and strength work, which is why I grudgingly pulled out Jillian Michaels. My upper body is wuh-eak, and because I haven’t been doing push-ups much, my wrist is still wimpy from when I broke it. Shortly before I broke the damn thing, I could do two sets of twenty full-body push-ups with fair form.