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New Witches Story: “Interception”

Part seven of The Witches of Ming Ung: “Interception” Here’s a snippet:

“Yeah, sure,” Markos said. “When are you coming home?” he whined. “This place is all big and lonely without you.”

“Markos, it took forever just getting here,” she said. “We’re just getting into the swing of things. It could be a while before I’m set to go.”

Markos’s pout became a frown and Hardi realized she’d protested too much.

His chuckle was forced as he said, “You sure you aren’t enjoying the sights while you’re out there?”

Hardi’s smile was weak. “Well, it is a lovely planet.”

As I mentioned earlier this week, from here until Witches is done, I’ll only be posting Witches stories.

Prometheus 6 posted a video last month of an interview with Sam Greenlee, who wrote The Spook Who Sat By the Door and made a movie by the same name. The Spook Who Sat By The Door, by Sam Greenlee
The title of P6’s post was “Sam Greenlee. You don’t need another title,” but, you know, I did. Never heard of him, never seen him. I am such a child of modern, integrated America — which my parents reinforced — that my knowledge of more militant, separatist, not yay-integration viewpoints is next to nothing. My parents didn’t expose me to it, even though my father claimed some odd ties back in his heyday. Schools certainly didn’t teach it in Texas.

I’m about halfway through the book The Spook Who Sat By the Door (the library here had it, which was a surprise to me). It’s a very skillfully written book that’s doing a good job of touching me, despite the generational and cultural gap. I definitely need to finish it before I can really start processing it, though.